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  • Yoga Sun 7460 Girard Avenue #14 San Diego, CA, 92037 United States (map)


3- Week Yoga Workshop- STARTS JANUARY 15

Enroll Now! Call 310-988-5308. 10% off for Qualcomm Family.


Why is it so important to have a Strong and Stable Core? 

  • Good Posture: Weak Core muscles contribute to slouching. Good posture not only trims your silhouette and projects confidence but also lessens the wear and tear on the spine and allows you to breathe deeply.
  • Balance & Stability: Think of the core muscles as a muscular corset that stabilizes your entire body, whether you are moving or are at rest. A strong and stable core reduces your risk of falling and injury.
  • A Healthy Back: Lower back pain affects four out of five Americans at some point of their lives. Lower back pain can be managed or avoided altogether by well-balanced, resilient core muscles.
  • Correct Diastasis Recti: With proper care and correct core strengthening exercises, you can close the diastasis even years after you delivered your last baby.

Who will benefit from Strong and Stable Core Workshop?

  • If you suffer from a back pain or you want to avoid the unpleasant experience of the back pain altogether
  • If you want to improve your posture and also improve your balance and stability
  • If you have given birth naturally or if you have had a C- Section

What does the workshop include?

  • Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment 
  • 9 In-Person 75-minute B.K.S . Iyengar  Inspired Yoga Class 
  • 15-minute Asana Practice to be practiced at home for 9 times
  • 1 Private 60-min Restorative Session

Price: Only $175 (50% off the original price of $350)