Wow, wow, WOW!! Radhika is the real deal! She has studied under some of the founding fathers of yoga in India. Not only that, but she grew up in India practicing her whole life. It shows. I had a private lesson with her and it was the best Yoga class I’ve ever had. I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylosis (a form or arthritis that effects the lower spine.). She knew exactly what to do and customized my session for me. The class was private and she made me feel so comfortable. Her style is therapeutic and that it was! I left feeling ten inches taller. Thanks Radhika!! I’ll see you soon!!
— Kelly F.
My EO Forum did a group session with Radhika while we were visiting La Jolla. This was the first time I had ever done yoga personally. It was amazing! She was very helpful for the entire hour and her attention to each person was sincere. Being present and mindful was easy to do with Radhika’s help. I’d recommend her studio to a newbie like me or an experienced yoga-er!
— John M.
This is my first experience with yoga inspired by BKS Iyengar. And, it has been therapeutic and rejuvenating. I was injured since New Year’s Day with intense foot pain, but the instructor Radhika was able to modify some of the poses in order to alleviate some of the pressure. The yoga classes are slower paced and uses a lot of props, which are so interesting. The poses are held for longer periods of time, compared to the “mainstream” yoga classes. You have the opportunity to go into a meditative state, to allow your body to benefit from the poses. Each class during the week focuses on a different part of the body: Gut, Core, and Spine. If you would like to get away from a crowded, sweaty gym and would like to experience a calm atmosphere and able to receive personal attention from the instructor, this yoga studio is for you!
— Hillary D.

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